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Goverment|QunSuo helps African government Social security management

African goverment face the challenge:

Using the traditional manual recording method to collect the information of the poor, the workload is large and the efficiency is low.

The image information cannot be collected, and the information record is not comprehensive.

Using manual comparison to verify identity is time-consuming and error-prone, and fraudulent claims and repeated claims occur from time to time.

The funding population is large, the management is complicated, and the cost is uncontrollable.


Based on the needs of customers, Shenzhen became the use of fingerprint recognition technology, through the configuration of PDA fingerprint handheld terminal, to help the African government development department to establish a complete set of funding system and database, not only solve the problems of personal identification, comprehensive information collection, but also Improved mobility of grants and reduced cost of aid supplies for the Ministry of Social Development.

Application implementation

Application Information Electronic Management

By holding the PDA, you can quickly complete the filling of the applicant's form information, the comprehensive collection of avatars, fingerprints, home environment photos, home address positioning and other information, which is convenient, fast, accurate and reliable.

Real-time management of application information

With the help of the 3G network transmission function, the applicant information is transmitted to the management background in real time, eliminating the need to manually input the computer background link, greatly improving the work efficiency and shortening the approval time.

Intelligent management of identity recognition

When distributing benefits, the fingerprint identification function is used to identify the identity information of the funded objects, and the automatic comparison can make the identification faster and more accurate.

Jurisdiction positioning management

Through GPS positioning information, it is also possible to quickly determine whether the funded object belongs to the jurisdiction, avoid the funded person to repeatedly collect in multiple jurisdictions, and save costs.

application effectiveness

Through the application of fingerprint recognition technology, the problem of personal identification is solved, which is fast and accurate, and effectively eliminates the phenomenon of false claims and multiple repeated claims.

The collection of applicant information is carried out through the mobile handheld terminal, which is more convenient and comprehensive.

Through the wireless transmission function, applicant information can be transmitted and saved in real time, and detailed personal files can be established to facilitate future query and management.

The handheld terminal is small and portable, and has excellent mobile performance, which provides great convenience for the financial assistance of poor people in remote mountainous areas.

The funding system has been improved, the funding process has been optimized, management efficiency has been greatly improved, and funding costs have been reduced.

PDA configuration

Item model number: PDA Rugged tablet PC fingerprinter barcode scanners 

Functional modules: fingerprint recognition, GPS positioning, 3G, camera