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Analysis and solution of common problems of thermal printer


First, the Thermal Printer prints fuzzy or missing

1. Check whether the power supply used is the power supply specified by the manufacturer.

2. Whether the paper used meets the requirements.
3. Please check whether there is dust or paper dust on the print head of the thermal printer. If there is any, please remove it. Make sure that the power is turned off and the power and communication cables are unplugged before cleaning the thermal head. Note: Clean the print head only after the thermal head has been thoroughly cooled, otherwise the head may be cracked due to uneven heating of the head.

4. If the Chinese characters or characters in the printed sample have defects, please check whether there is dust or paper dust on the thermal head, and remove it if necessary. If the fault cannot be rectified, there may be a problem with the thermal head or motherboard, please contact the sales department of the sales company for repair.

Second, bluetooth printer cannot print online
1. First check whether the printer is powered on and whether the indicator light is correct.

2. Whether the connection between the printer and the host is normal. If the printer still cannot print when connected normally, please test the printer's self-test function. If the self-test function is normal, the fault may be related to the host and printer interface circuits or interface cables. If it is confirmed that there is no problem with the host interface and the cable, please contact the after-sales department of the sales company for repair.

Third, the printer stops printing during printing
1. Whether the connecting cable between the thermal printer and the host is loose.
2. It may be the printer over-temperature protection. Check whether the print head is hot. Note: After the temperature of this kind of faulty standby head drops to a safe temperature, normal printing can resume by itself.

3. According to the blinking of the printer's indicator light, find out the fault by referring to the printer manual.

Precautions for using the printer
1. Before using the printer, please do not connect the printer to the power supply first, you should check the printer first.
2. The specified power source must be used, or it may cause permanent damage to the printer.
3. When the thermal printer is out of paper, do not press the paper feed button to make the printer feed paper, otherwise the print head or main board may be damaged.
4. Must use paper rolls that meet the requirements. When replacing the paper roll, please pay attention to whether there is paper dust on the machine head, if there is, please blow it away gently to avoid affecting the printing.
5. Do not add lubricant to the structure of the printer at will, otherwise the printer will not print properly.
6. Do not use the printer in a humid or dusty environment, or it will oxidize the motherboard of the printer and reduce its service life.
7. Try not to drop foreign objects into the printer to prevent the printer from working properly and reduce losses.

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