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Solve Problems For Customers In Various Industries, And Develop Mobile Handheld Terminal Products Suitable For Various Industries For Logistics Express, Retail Chain, Medical, Public Utilities, Product Traceability, Financial Payment, Industry And Other Fields

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Success Case

QunSuo helps SF express logistic management

Every shipment is labelled with a unique 2D barcode. Distribution center workers use QunSuo handheld computers PDA405 to automatically validate loads from receiving to packing. From distribution center’s pallet to customer’s door, every step of one order is recorded and updated to the backend logistics management server with a scan of the barcode.

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Qunsuo helps China Petroleum management

Therefore,Our products PDA intelligent explosion-proof mobile phones and explosion-proof intelligent terminals will definitely become the necessary field equipment for the petroleum and petrochemical industry, industrial intelligence and safe production in the future.

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QunSuo helps African government Social security management

Based on the needs of customers, Shenzhen Qunsuo uses fingerprint recognition technology and through the configuration of tablet computer fingerprint handheld terminals in the industrial zone to help the African government development department establish a complete set of funding system and database, which not only solves the problem of personal identification, comprehensive information collection and other issues, it has also improved the mobility of funding and reduced the cost of relief materials for the Ministry of Social Development.

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