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Handheld ticket check management in scenic spots

Jul 19, 2022

The traditional paper tickets used by a certain scenic spot are very easy to be counterfeited and difficult to identify with the naked eye, resulting in the loss of ticket fees. 

The aborigines on the mountain and the staff of the scenic spot privately brought a group into the scenic spot, resulting in a serious loss of ticket prices.

During the Golden Week and holidays, there is a surge of tourists, and the staff of the scenic spot cannot quickly divert the crowd while ensuring the authenticity of the tickets, resulting in congestion at the entrance of the scenic spot.

Many scenic spots are charged independently, and the ticket payment cannot be monitored. The "account", "ticket payment" and "number of tickets" are often not unified, and the financial statistics work is complicated and huge.

In view of the ticket management problem of scenic spots, QR code tickets with high anti-counterfeiting performance can be used instead of traditional tickets, and tickets can be identified through handheld devices, and ticket inspection can be completed accurately and efficiently without visual judgment, which significantly improves the speed and efficiency of ticket inspection. Precision, even "Golden Week" can quickly divert tourists.

The application effect QR code ticket has the characteristics of uniqueness, cannot be modified and cannot be copied, so the problem of ticket fraud is completely solved. 

Intelligent ticket checking is carried out through handheld devices, and the system automatically records ticket checking information, which effectively strengthens the monitoring and management of each independent charging scenic spot. 

Scanning tickets through handheld devices does not require manual judgment, which greatly improves the speed and efficiency of ticket checking, shortens the travel time of tourists, and can quickly divert tourists even during peak hours to avoid congestion. 

The application of the intelligent ticket checking system strengthens the management of ticketing in the scenic spot, improves the service quality of ticket checking, and improves the satisfaction of tourists, which further stimulates consumption and increases the income of the scenic spot.

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